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Commissions for bronze sculptures are accepted from both private and corporate clients. Whether the subject is a portrait, a figure, or an animal, large or small, each requires careful thought and preparation before the actual making of the sculpture can begin. For example, it is important, particularly with a large bronze to know beforehand where it will finally be displayed. Often preparatory drawings are made and a small model, a maquette, is sculpted to show how the finished piece will appear. When all parties are satisfied the work can start on sculpting the original.
For further details please contact the artist.
Terms of payment: one half with order, the balance on consignment.
Packing and shipping are extra.

All pieces are produced individually to order, but each edition of sculptures is limited to a pre-designated number.
Please contact the artist to make sure that the piece you are interested in has edition numbers available. Some are sold out, and may only be found in galleries that stock Shingleton bronzes. (See Links)

The prices of the bronzes start from € 600.
For a medium-sized bronze, for example No. 23 CAT LICKING PAW, the price is € 4,500.
Please contact the artist for a more comprehensive list.

Estimated delivery time, depends on the size and complexity of the piece, but for a small piece, usually 2 - 3 months, for a medium sized piece, 3 - 4 months.

Terms of payment: one half with order, the balance on consignment.
Packing and shipping are extra.
To give a rough idea of packing and shipping costs: a life-size cat bronze would have packing costs around € 150, and shipping costs also about € 150 - costed as for shipping from Italy to GB, which usually takes no longer than a week to ten days.

Working in the studio on the original model

Bronze portrait of ENGINEER MARIO BRUNI displayed
in the headquarters of Autostrada dei Fiori, Imperia.

Cleaning up stage in the foundry of the bronze
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