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Forthcoming Exhibition

I am thrilled to be one of the finalists in the Art Renewal Salon Competition 2016.

LIVING RELICS - Aldabra Giant Tortoises - Oil on canvas 60 x 75cm

This painting was inspired by my 2 trips to the Seychelles. The various subspecies of giant tortoises on the islands were wiped out by the visiting sailors in the last centuries since they provided meat that could be kept alive for the long sea journeys. Mercifully, the Aldabra Atoll was not similarly plundered, so the Aldabra species was reintroduced to all the islands. They are a protected species and now can be found roaming wild on most of the islands. The Seychelle Islands have been isolated from mainland Africa for 75 million years, giving time for the evolution of endemic animals and plants that can only be found there. Being a small collection of islands that relies heavily on the tourist trade to survive economically, many of these species are at risk today.

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