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Drawing and Painting Course at Uplyme.
13th - 20th June 2017. One day will be free.
Please email me anne@anneshingleton.com if you are interested in attending this year
and I will give more details.

A six-day course at Higher Holcombe Farm, Uplyme, Dorset - 2016
Thanks largely to Roz and John Duffin, for the organisation and hospitality at their beautiful farm.
I will be teaching again for a week.
I will be explaining again the demystification of drawing and painting on a mainly one to one basis, in a superb summer english country setting.

Dates: 19th - 25th July with Friday 22nd free.
There are limited places and I am sorry, already the course is full. However if you would be interested in participating another year please do let me know.
Photos from last year's course where we had wonderful weather that week.

I can thoroughly recommend the following summer school nearby:
- The Verrocchio Art Centre, Casole - Italy

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