Facing the future - a monumental male swan


Height without the iron plinth, 177cm (5ft 10in).
Width from wingtip to wingtip, 183cm (6ft)
Depth, 130cm (4ft 3in)
Weight without the plinth, - 266 kilos (586 pounds)
Provisional iron plinth - h60cm ( 23in) x w65cm ( 25in) x d60cm ( 23in).
Weight of plinth - 100kilos (220lbs)

This bronze of a male mute swan that is flapping its wings after preening, is the culmination of a long-held dream to sculpt a larger than life size swan. It is approximately 25% bigger than life size.
The dark patina protects the bronze from the weathering by wind and rain for an outside placement.

Edition of six with 3 artist proofs.
The bronze presently resides in the gardens of the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence, Italy, and can be viewed there. tel: +39 055 26261 www.fourseasons.com
To see the process of creation from idea to the finished bronze please go to (link to pdf).
For commissioning a copy please contact the artist (contact-anne-shingleton.html).